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Sherwood Phifer, master luthier and
craftsman, has been building, repairing
and restoring electric and acoustic
guitars for more than forty years.

Starting as an apprentice at
Guitar Lab, NYC in 1971, he
obtained the fundamental skills.  He
soon became the primary repairman in
the shop, and began to develop his own
designs and concepts.

In 1976, Sherwood opened his own shop on 48th
street, Manhattan, NY.  Today Phifer continues to
perfect his life passion of design and building.


Some of the notable artists using Phifer Guitars are George Benson, Ronnie Jordan, and Richie Hart.



We build one of a kind knobs, truss rod covers and access panels exclusive to each instrument.

The book-matched headstock and flush-mounted truss rod cover are cut from the same wood as the top. The access panels are carved from the same piece as the back.

Both the truss rod cover and access panel are bound and held in place by one set screw. A raised plexiglass pickguard shows off the luster of the wood below.

The three hand-turned knobs are made from a combination of  material from the body and the top. With mother-of-pearl inlaid on top and side.

*Multiwood Composition: A filled-chamber instrument. The use of
several tonewoods having different densities produces a wider
frequency response; increased sustain and harp-like tone.

*Carved Wooden Bridge: Made from ebony with gold-plated solid brass locking saddles. This self-contained unit is fully adjustable for height and intonation.

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Sherwood Phifer




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